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I'm a wife, artist, and native Iowan. My family often calls me "E". I live in Des Moines, IA in a little house that doubles as my art studio. By day, I work as a Clinical Allergy Specialist and by night (and the weekends), I create custom artwork. My mission both professionally and personally is to serve God and serve others using the gifts I've been given. I created Art By EFinnern in March 2023 as a platform to share my creations with others. I started creating at a young age purely out of frugalness. I really believed that I could make something at home just as easily as buy it off the shelf. In the words of Elyse Myers, I was born with the "how hard could it be" gene. Despite many crumbled Christmas gifts and cringey Pinterest projects, I've learned that: 


1) Consistency in a craft truly refines skill.

2) Create just as often when you feel like it as when the feeling is absent.

3) God can and will reveal himself through beauty and creation.  


I still believe that gifts are sweeter when they're handmade and art serves a larger purpose than to just look pretty. It can bring someone to tears, spark a smile, or be a window to a cherished moment or memory.

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